promoting mindfulness & social-Emotional Learning


educators, students, & the whole school community 


Dr. Sarah Whitaker offers customized mindfulness & SEL training programs for educators in the Atlanta and Athens area.

The model for these programs revolves around educators first and foremost. It's vital for the well-being of a school to have educators who can access their own internal reserves of calm, peace, and kindness. With these skills, teachers can better serve their students' needs, both academic and non-academic. Teachers who develop a personal connection with what mindfulness-based practices means can choose to teach students the same skills explicitly, or to model their own strategies and teach in a more implicit manner.

When a key coalition of teachers and staff are given the support they need to invest in their own relationship to mindfulness, they have the power to guide and inspire other members of their school community to become more mindful as well. The school benefits profoundly as the authentic sharing between trusted colleagues, students, and their teachers can imbue the school with a culture of emotional wellness that lasts long beyond the consultation itself.